Third Eye Gallery

Current Show: Om Aquatic by Tiffany Nachelle Edwards

Tiffany Nachelle Edwards is a color shaman based out of Oklahoma
City. The artist began an ongoing and explorative series a decade
ago “The Boop Collection”. It consists primarily of paintings,
drawings, and mixed media.

The aquatic works on display at Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Third
Eye Gallery
,were inspired by her recent adventures while living in
thegulf of Florida. During this time she encountered both the beauty
of her surroundings and the devastation caused by Irma, coupled with
hearing the stories of Maria’s aftermath. Tiffany’s family came from
the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Barbados. This and her travels
created her connection and love for these islands specifically.

50% of all proceeds for every work sold will be donated to
Global Giving (link listed below). Global Giving is a non-profit
currently providing hurricane relief and recovery efforts to Puerto Rico
and the Caribbean Islands. When our neighbors are in distress, it is
our privilege to lend a helping hand. Peace and strength to the Puerto
Ricans, Floridians and those in the islands affected, Om.

For information about Global Giving Click Here




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