4 Day Teacher Training Intensive

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Teacher training Intensive


We have a 4 day Intensive coming up which is a great opportunity for anyone who is interesting is developing their skills as a yoga teacher. It is the final session of our 200 hour program. We will be summarizing and going over the main features of our program. Mornings will start with practice and hands on adjusting. We will be using our Chakra Method where we call out and adjust in postures continuously. the purpose of this exercise is to....

- Get direct experience teaching and honest feedback in a supportive environment.

- learn the unique AYS methods for assisting students in postures which include Muscle Activation, Isometric Stretching, and Myofascial Release, which are the result of decades of research and refinement in our studio.

- Develop your Teaching Voice through honest feedback and receive coaching for how to deliver your classes in a professional, effective way that everyone can understand and relate to.

- Have the experience of both giving and receiving instruction as well as adjustments so that you know exactly what experience you are creating in your own yoga classes.

Afternoons will be divided between  Philosophy, History, Ayurveda and Posture Refinement. Our program is designed to create articulate teachers who have an accurate understanding of the history and lineage of the yoga they teach and the philosophy that these practices rest upon. We also give our teachers the knowledge of anatomy and physiology that allows them to assess individual needs and teach in a compassionate, informed way.

In this 4 day intensive we will be recapping and summarizing our entire teaching method! Teachers and students from all backgrounds can benefit form this experience which will deepen their knowledge of yoga. The 32 hours of training from this program can be applied to next year's training or to continuing education for RYT teachers. Please contact us if you have any questions!


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