Absolute Beauty. Yoga Workshop for Women

$56.65 includes 3% PayPal fee
Saturday September 1st 11am to 4pm
This is a workshop for women and it is about femininity, about our real nature, which is always with us, and which we are always longing to find so much.
Stress, body discomfort, mental tiredness, low libido, anxiety, boredom, nervousness – it's all about constant disconnection with our own inner nature – our feminine power and wisdom.
With less talk, and more practice we will guide you to awaken yourself, your nature, your power, your sexuality and sacred intuition. We will dance, practice yoga, meditate, sing and laugh!
At the end of the workshop, you will have a potent collection of easy practices and secrets, which will help you to return your inner sacred peace and femininity again and again.
Join and Enjoy!
Part 1.
11 am - 1 pm
Anti-stress technics and the nature of inner harmony
- Dynamic yoga technics for increasing your vital energy
- Yoga for PMS
- The power of Shavasana
- Practical advice for every day
Part 2.
2 pm - 4 pm
The Evolution of Natural Sexuality and developing of intuition
- Dancing technics
- Yoga for free circulation of sexual energy
- Mantra singing
- Meditation
Early Bird Price $40
After August 22 $55
Price: $55.00