Beginner Class for Parents and Children

This class is an introduction to yoga and meditation which welcomes parent of infants and toddlers into the yoga room along with their children. This is a place where our children may move along with us, have some floor time, or simply just be there with us as we practice yoga. The class will move like other beginner classes focusing on the fundamentals of yoga, like our breathing techniques, proper and safe alignment in yoga postures, strength for the body and stillness for the mind. No food or drinks in the room, please. Water in a spill-proof vessel is the exception. You may freely come in and out of the room as you see fit. Due to the nature of this class, please expect the volume of the room to be louder compared to a traditional yoga class. I believe sometimes life is loud and chaotic, but we can still find the peace within. What to bring: Anything you need to take care of your baby. Help us keep the volume to a minimum by bringing only quiet toys for your baby. We have some yoga mats to share, but bring your own if you have one. Feel free to bring a small blanket or extra yoga mat for babies and toddlers. Life with small children is sometimes hectic. Feel free to join us a few minutes late, or leave early as needed.