The Essence of Vinyasa with Andrew Eppler

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The concept of Vinyasa has had a huge impact of yoga practices world wide! In this 3 hour workshop Andrew will begin by explaining the controversial history of this technique and how it has come to be an almost household word in the modern yoga world. We will look at what defines this technique from other approaches to yoga practice and also the spiritual tradition that it evolved from.

After covering some of the background of Vinyasa, we will proceed with the practice of it! As most people know Vinyasa yoga is movement oriented and has to do with dynamic and succinct transitions from one posture to the next. Beginning with the basics, we will learn about the technique for these transitions.

- How can we apply Vinyasa technique to any posture?
- What are the safety implications?
- What are the benefits of this style of practice?
- How to build a solid foundation from which to explore these practices?
We will touch on all of this and more!

Towards the end Andrew will also cover the advanced Vinyasa techniques for those who aspire to the floaty handstand variations that have been popularized in some circles of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners. Of course we can't promise anyone those abilities right away, but it is an art and a science.

We will take a thoughtful look into just what it takes to build ones breath, core muscles, and concentration to the level where we can safely approach some of the most beautiful techniques in yoga!

Price: $50.00