Healing the Hips With Bryce Delbridge

$51.50 includes 3% PayPal fee

1-5pm Dec. 15, 2018

This workshop will include:


Full Body & Hand Mudra


Chakra, Vayu & Kosha Awareness

Prana Vidya & Visualizations
Self Massage
Muscle Isolations
Deep Relaxation & Yoga Nidra
Healing The Hips

Exploring how to open, stretch, strengthen, stabilize & heal the muscles that make up the pelvis, hip socket & the upper legs. Want to open your hips? Do you have tight hamstrings? Do you have injuries in your legs? Do you feel tension & limited range of movement? Are your hips in pain? This workshop will help you understand your body & empower you with tools to gradually open, balance and heal your hips.
(duration: 4 hours)

Price: $50.00