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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Oct. 5, 2018  through April 22, 2019

Can you imagine yourself as a yoga teacher? It can be a life filled with purpose which give you something you really love to do for a living. Something that can make a huge impact on the health and happiness of the people you teach. Our training can be a step towards realizing that dream.


Whether you want to begin a new career or if you just want to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga, this training gives you the tools you need to begin. Our training gives you confidence in your skill and a thorough understanding of yoga that is authentic, accurate, and deeply rooted in tradition.



  • Our program works directly with professors from the Maharaja’s Sanskrit College in Mysore India, which is the epicenter of all Vinyasa yoga practice worldwide. This is virtually unheard of in other programs.


  • Some of our lecturers come from a family of Sanskrit scholars that goes back at least 500 years and which belongs to the same sect of Brahmins that Sri Krishnamacharya (the father of modern yoga) came from.


  • Comprehensive curriculum including functional anatomy and physiology, profound philosophy, healing techniques and hands on experience so you walk out with skills and confidence.


  • You will learn a foundational sequence from which you can create customized sequences on the spot if needed.


  •  You gain an accurate and authentic understanding of yoga philosophy by speaking directly with experts in the field from India and the west.


  • We focus on the historical aspect of yoga in an effort to give our students a correct and accurate understanding of the history of yoga according to the latest academic sources.


  • While staying grounded in a traditional sequence and philosophy we will also explore a global fusion of techniques for assisting students with yoga postures which come from yoga teachers and communities all over the world.


  • We will learn about the anatomy of the subtle body including Chakras, Vayus, Koshas and we will practice the corresponding disciplines of Mudra and Pranayama to help you take yoga to the next level.


  • Our training teaches the language of yoga and we will learn key Sanskrit terms and well as the Sanskrit names of the postures.


  • You will learn the four positions of classical Thai Massage and get introduced to a very effective form of bodywork which will deepen your understanding of the art of adjusting students in yoga postures.


  • Our graduates can say with confidence that they have studied a classical form of yoga and that they are teaching in an ancient tradition.


We focus on hands on teaching skills. Everyone will be adjusting in postures and being adjusted as well as calling out postures verbally throughout the program so that these skills become natural and we can speak with confidence. We will guide you to find and cultivate the center from which your teaching voice comes from.

Our training will include a thorough understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. This sequence is highly adaptable and has had a strong influence on many other forms of yoga.

The safety aspects of adjusting will be discussed in detail. You will learn how and when it is appropriate to adjust as well as when it is not. We will teach you the anatomical markers by which you can assess your student’s practice. You will also learn the language of yoga anatomy and learn about preventing and working with injuries. At the end of the training everyone will have thoroughly memorized not only Primary Series, but the Sanskrit names of the postures, and all aspects of teaching them smoothly and safely with confidence.


Teaching Methodology

Our training will include a thorough understanding of the postures, Vinyasa counts, adjustments and modifications for each posture in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. Teaching methodology is the first aim of the program. Trainees will be practicing yoga postures, mudras, and pranayama throughout the program so that the training actually takes place “in a state of yoga.” After some initial introduction, we use a with a method we refer to as “chakra formation” in which each student calls out the postures, adjusts other students, and gets adjusted in every pose many times over the course of the training. This method gives aspiring teachers the hands-on practical experience that they need to teach fluidly, safely, and articulately in public classes. Each graduate will be capable of teaching Primary Series postures smoothly and professionally in both led classes and “Mysore” style classes, or in a private class setting. Trainees will learn how to adjust yoga postures, when to adjust the postures, and how to modify them for students who need to work gradually. Complete memorization of Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series will be required for graduation.



Click Here for a short video of professors from the Maharaja's Sanskrit College in Mysore India speaking about the Yoga Sutras.

Click Here for a short video of Dr. Matthew Clark from SOAS University in London speaking on yoga.

This training will impart an authentic and historically accurate understanding of the theoretical foundations of yoga. It will include Skype lectures from prominent yoga teachers around the world, including Dr. MA Alwar and Dr. Gangadhar Bhat from the Maharaja’s Sanskrit College in Mysore India. This college is irrefutably the birthplace of all Vinyasa based yoga practices around the world. The philosophical aspects of yoga will be explained clearly by senior professors who have a life-long exposure to Indian philosophy and who are able to articulately express an ancient worldview in a modern context. We will also take a close look at the history and philosophy of yoga from a western perspective with Dr. Mathew Clark from SOAS University in London. We will attempt to impart the most current views to date as to where yoga came from, and how it has evolved into its current state in the world, both as a physical and a spiritual discipline. We will study classical texts about yoga, hold discussions among the group about their meaning, and discuss them with both Indian and western teachers.


Anatomy/Physiology and Healing Arts

Knowledge of the Anatomy and Physiology of the body is essential for teaching the asanas in a safe and constructive way and plays a big roll in a teacher’s ability to assist students with postures. We will learn the major muscles of the body and establish a fundamental understanding of their function. Bryce Delbridge will be teaching his excellent functional anatomy workshops to give students a direct understanding of anatomy and how it relates to their own body. Students will learn about the skeletal markers by which we can assess the symmetry of a student’s body and understand the imbalances that are present. The training will also include a study of the four positions of Traditional Thai Massage. The Healing Arts are a life-long pursuit of never-ending discovery as we attempt to understand and articulate the imbalances in our own bodies so that we may help others with knowledge and compassion. Graduates of the program will have some tools to work with and an introduction to bodywork that is very useful to a yoga teacher. We believe a competent yoga teacher should be able to help their students when they are experiencing pain and difficulty in postures, and it is necessary to have experience and some tools to work with in order to do this.


Who can attend this Training?

Students will need to interview in person or over Skype before being accepted into the program. It is necessary to have some experience with yoga.

*After completing our Teacher Training Program, students may register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200 teacher.

Required books:

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchitananda

The Living Gita by Swami Satchitananda

The Roots of Yoga by Sir James Malinson and Mark Singleton

The Concise Book of Muscles by Chris Jarmey

The Practice Manual by David Swenson

* these books are not included in the tuition and each student will be responsible for purchasing their own copies.


Graduation Requirements

 Required memorization

  1. Primary series postures of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system will be memorized thoroughly, along with the Vinyasa counts to get in and out of the postures.

  2. The Yamas, Niyamas, and 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

  3. The five Prana Vayus.

  4. The five Koshas.


Writing Assignments

1. Summary essays on 3 books. Patanjali Sutras,  Bhagavad Gita, and The Roots of Yoga by Malinson and Singleton.

2. A definition of yoga in your own words.

3. A personal yoga bio.


Our teacher training programs have always been great fun with a lot of enthusiasm, humor and excellent group dynamics. This is a program that is designed for students who have a sincere desire to learn yoga and share it in their communities. It does require consistent effort and it is not simply an easy way to get an RYT 200 which have become very commonplace these days. It will be an immersion in yoga designed to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga. In our view, no amount of training will make anyone a yoga teacher. We only become yoga teachers when we have taught others about yoga long enough and effectively enough that they begin to refer to us as their “teacher.” Only then can we perhaps consider ourselves to be yoga teachers. We are all students and we should never lose touch with that. Students with more experience in yoga may help other students with less experience. In so doing we enter a timeless process, and gain deeper insight into yoga, engaging in a very rewarding and enriching experience.

Yoga is a lifelong pursuit and needs time to grow. Good information, exposure, and steady practice can speed up the process. Yoga has had a very positive impact on countless lives and has become a household word all over the world. Interest is growing rapidly. Teaching Yoga is certainly an honorable and viable profession and the more people who are capable of sharing Yoga with others in a sincere, compassionate, and intelligent way, the better.


Oct. 5 - 8, 2018

Nov. 3 - 4

Dec.15 -16

*Holiday Break*

Jan. 26 – 27, 2019

March 2 - 3

March 30 - 31

April 18-20

Easter Sunday

April 22nd (Graduation Ceremony)


Your Yoga Teacher Training is an investment in yourself and your yoga practice.


To schedule an interview or inquire about our program, contact Andrew Eppler at 405-503-7779 or okiebaba@gmail.com

- It is best if you can attend a class with Andrew along with your interview.



$2500 for the Entire Training

Payment plan: $700 down and $300 for 7 training weekends.

*After being accepted and registering for the program all of Andrew’s regular public classes may be attended free of charge.


Our Teacher Training is licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.