Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Therapeutic Yoga Massage with Andrew Eppler is a culmination of many techniques and healing modalities refined over 3 decades of experience. The process begins with a postural analyses and interview to see which methods can be most effective.
Each session includes two aspects. First we do massage, bodywork, and therapeutic movements. Second there will be a short list of movements, breathing techniques, lifestyle modifications or other suggestions for the client to practice on their own. Andrew firmly believes that no one can "heal" anyone else. The effort has to come from both sides. Our bodies are a reflection of our lifestyles, diet, emotional state and many other things. To achieve real results that last and actually bring us towards total balance it requires a desire for change and a willingness to explore new patterns.
Sessions in Therapeutic Yoga Massage are multifaceted and include 3 basic phases.
  1. Discussion and Analysis: this takes more time on the first session. Andrew will examine the balance and symmetry of the body looking at the hips and spine and asking a few questions to determine which issues should be addressed first.
  2. Treatment: this will depend of the situation and issues being addressed. It can include Thai Massage, myofascial work, skeletal alignment, muscle activation, chiropractic work, mudras, breathing techniques, visualizations, and counseling.
  3. Outline for self practice: The "homework suggestions" will be carefully explained and written down or recorded with video.

Price $85 per session (sessions usually take 1 hour, but the first session can take up to one and a half hours)