Three Excellent Workshops with Bryce Delbridge

$123.60 includes 3% PayPal fee

Heal the Hips December: 15 2018, 1-5pm

Stabilize the Shoulders: January 26th 2019 1-5pm

Strong Supple Spine: March 2nd 2019 1-5pm


Each workshop will include:


Full Body & Hand Mudra


Chakra, Vayu & Kosha Awareness

Prana Vidya & Visualizations
Self Massage
Muscle Isolations
Deep Relaxation & Yoga Nidra
Heal the Hips: Exploring how to open, stretch, strengthen, stabilize & heal the muscles that make up the pelvis, hip socket & the upper legs. Want to open your hips? Do you have tight hamstrings? Do you have injuries in your legs? Do you feel tension & limited range of movement? Are your hips in pain? This workshop will help you understand your body & empower you with tools to gradually open, balance and heal your hips.

(duration: 4 hours)

Stabilize the Shoulders: Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is the root practice for Vinyasa Yoga, preparing for this, is the focus. Diving deep into the shoulder girdle & directly experiencing the relationships of tissues in the most repetitive movements in modern day yoga. This workshop changes everything; it is a crash course in experiencing how to set yourself up for a lifelong sustainable arm balance practice; by understanding how to avoid repetitive use injuries & acquiring tools for healing existing injuries in the shoulder girdle.
(duration: 4 hours)

Strong Supple Spine: The spine is the innermost core of the body, and is the basis for an optimally functioning body. Our focus in this workshop, is on unlocking the spine's potential to move & support the healthy functions of the body. From the deepest layers of tissues to the most superficial, this is true core work that utilizes backbends; sidebands; twists & forward bends.
(duration: 4 hours)

Price: $120.00