Lindsay is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbal Alchemist, Reiki Master, Certified Personal Trainer and currently finishing a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Andrew Eppler at Ashtanga Yoga Studio. She has studied movement her whole life, using movement as meditation came naturally and was incorporated into her daily practices at a young age. She fell in love with yoga after years of intense sports and was immediately drawn to the practice of linking movement with breath. Consistent practice has brought transformation to her body, soul, and most noticeably, her mind. She loves the way yoga brings stillness and peace to her inner Self and awareness to her daily experiences. Her passion for living a life of her highest potential inspires her to remain a humble student with a deep commitment to personal growth.

 Lindsay’s classes are inspired by a state of moving meditation. She loves the rhythm of traditional Ashtanga yoga and repetitive, creative sequencing. She provides a structured practice with room to explore, encouraging you to move through limmitations into endless possibility.

 Private sessions with Lindsay can include postural assessment, personalized asana sequences and alignment, meditation and pranayama guidance, energy work and Thai massage.